news from the revolution

We’re Recruiting! Saturday Sep. 16th Bootcamp

Prior to the recruitment event, your very own Strong Island Derby Revolution ladies will doing a brief live demonstration on Thursday September 14th! Riverhead town is hosting their second Roller Disco night of the year, and has invited us to come out and show off some roller derby. Come see your favorite skaters in action, […]

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Skater of the Month – NME Basher

1. Derby name & number: NME BASHER #25 2. Real name: Patricia Loreto 3. Significance of derby name/#: NME stands for No Me Enojes in English that translates to don’t make me angry. No real significance to Basher other then I bash beaches and I don’t mean the ocean ones lol. 4. Age: 27 for […]

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Skater of the Month – Malocchia

1. Derby name & number: Malocchia (The Italian Evil Eye) #202 for 2016. 2020 since 2011. 2. Real name: Mary Moccia 3. Significance of derby name/#: It was the most intimidating thing I could think of when thinking of a derby name. When you “knock on wood” you are trying to ward me off. The […]

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