Bout Recap: JUNE 30th

SIDR vs HARD Bout Recap     6-30-12 – By Nick Moccia

What can I say, it’s nice to be home!  After two tough away bouts and the first at home since March, you can feel the energy as you walk into the Sports Arena.  SIDR is skating their warm up drills while the crowd is fighting for the best spot to put their chairs because everyone wants to be up front for the chance to get a derby girl sent crashing into them. Now my favorite part…the intros. Fans are on their feet to see their favorite skaters, myself included.  The Hartford Wailers (not the hockey team that disappeared in the 1990’s) get a warm reception from the crowd. Not a person was in their seats when the girls of The Revolution took the track. After our own Rink Brat sang the National Anthem, the crowd was pumped for derby action.
Home town hero, Trinity sets up for the first jam of the night and gets lead jammer status with a quick cut to the inside putting us up 4-0 in the first jam.  Jenny from the Block was next to jam and with speed and agility, forced Hartford to call off the jam before any points could be scored. Helluva Fite puts up exactly that and shows that this is going to be a great night of derby. Let’s not forget our skaters in the front lines, the SIDR blockers. The Wailer’s had their hands full trying to get through the pack. The lead was back and forth with the crowd going crazy.  HARD was up by 2 points when out of nowhere, as if dropped from a 747, Jett Bruise, sporting a shiny new red helmet, lands a big hit sending the Hartford jammer into some lucky fan’s lap.  Due to the efforts of the entire team, SIDR holds the lead 67-63 going into the half.
The second half starts with HARD coming out strong and after a string of penalties by SIDR, took the lead. With strong blocking, fast jamming and the guidance of bench coach Anne Frankenstein, Strong Island Derby Revolution started to close the gap.  While Mean Frostine landed some huge hits, her co-captain, Ninja Starr accepted the star pass in a rare turn as jammer, scoring much needed points.
As the clock ran down, the score was SIDR 106 HARD 132. You could see the determination in our girl’s eyes as they kneel at the jam line.  It was time to go all out and that they did.  Our blockers put up strong walls and kept the Wailer’s scoreless for three jams while our jammers closed the gap to SIDR 124 HARD 132.  The last jam of the evening was clouded in controversy and after much discussion, the decision of the officials did not go in favor of the home team.  Final score SIDR 129 HARD 132.
What can I say…you girls are winners in my book!!!