Skater of the Month – Bitesize Brawler


1. Derby name & number: Brawler #411
2. Real name: BiteSize Brawler
3. Significance of derby name/#: hmmmm…..
4. Age: 102
5. Position you play: Pivot/Jammer
6. How long have you been skating? 4 years
7. How did you join derby? Went to an SIDR bout and joined the following weekend
8. What do you like most about derby? The physicality of it and course and the team aspect. I’m at my strongest with my team by my side.
9. Greatest strength on or off the track: on the track probably my speed on endurance and off the track I always try to improve my strength
10. Derby injuries: torn thigh muscle, broken thumb
11. Favorite derby memory: I have many but I’d have to say our 2015 season closer. We worked as a team. We were one unit and it showed on the track.
12. Favorite foods/drinks: I like food. All kinds. Favorite drink, Coconut Margaritas from Maria’s.
13. Anyone you look up to in the derby world? Tracy Akers, Short Stop, Christy Demons
14. Who inspires you the most from your league? my teammates
15. Who is the most challenging player you experienced? I would have to say Sabotage Sabel. She was a double threat and extremely fast.
16. Do you play any other sports besides Roller derby? not at the moment
17. What personal advice would you give young derby beginners? perfect your basics. a strong foundation is the key to derby.
18. When and what occasion was a specific moment you felt like you really had to push yourself even harder? I am always pushing myself and when I feel that I can’t, my team and my captain are there to reminded me that I can
19. Hobbies outside of derby: wait what? there’s things other than derby? HAHA. I like to crochet even though I’m not very good.