In Case You Missed It – 4/6/24 Season Opener

April 6 Season Opener Recap

Strong Island Derby Revolution (SIDR) kicked off their 2024 season with an electrifying showdown against the Hellions of Troy on Saturday, April 6, in front of a sold-out crowd! The atmosphere crackled with excitement (and the sound of cowbells) as both teams hit the track, each thirsting for victory.

Right from the start – in the first jam – SIDR jammer Billie Loomis #202 caught up and lapped the Hellions Lead Jammer, forcing Hellions to call off the jam early, keeping the score 0-0. It was clear that this would be a nail-biting clash. By halftime, SIDR held a razor-thin lead of 58-38, showcasing the fierce competition and the exceptional skill of both squads. The bout was a rollercoaster ride of lead changes, keeping fans on the edge of their seats throughout the match.

Both teams had impenetrable defenses – the solid walls posed a daunting challenge for both team’s jammers, who had to rely on their speed and strength to navigate through or smash through the walls of blockers. The intensity was off the charts as blockers not only had to hold back rival jammers but also gave (and took) some hard hits from blockers help their jammers through the pack.

Peter Panic #53 – “Helping Jammer 10G #2319 through the pack by using the ‘shopping carting’ play was awesome!”

Ann T. Virus #24pt – “We’ve been working on a two-step offensive move on the power jam to help our jammers out, it was cool to see the work we’ve been doing pay off!”

Shockya Chakra #7up – “Shout out to the pivots for some slick star passes and point scoring!”

With the final score of 107-123, the Hellions of Troy came out on top…this time! SIDR faces off against Hellions of Troy on their home turf later this year.  Despite the loss, SIDR Team Captain, BB #411, said it best – “SIDR has hustle and heart!”

Strong Island MVP Jammer 
Billie Loomis #202

Strong Island MVP Blocker
Savage #666

Shout outs & thank yous!

Special shout out to our announcers – Boothill Billy and Captain Morgan Silver – for leading the crowd through the excitement!

Thank you to all the officials and volunteers who work so hard to keep the skaters safe and make the bout an exciting event for everyone!

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Photo credit – Seth Berman, Rapid Shutter Photography