Skater of the month – Octopi Wall St.

Photo credit: Canon Chaos

1. Derby name & number:  Octopi Wall St. 99
2. Real name:  Kate
3. Significance of derby name/#:  There was no real significance to it, it was more, I like cephalopods and I wanted something cheeky.
4. Age: 31
5. Position you play: Blocker, but I’m working on my Jamming.
6. How long have you been skating? This was my 3rd year skating.
7. How did you join derby?  My boyfriend used to be the announcer for SIDR, and he brought me to a bout and then I made him to tell me how I could join.
8. What do you like most about derby?  Being part of a team
9. Greatest strength on or off the track: on the track, being loud!  off the track, flawless skin.
10. Derby injuries: I was out for 4 months with a contused hip bursa my first season.
11. Favorite derby memory:  It’s hard to pick just one.  Most of my favourite memories happen at the after parties.
12. Favorite foods/drinks:  Guacamole, Pizza, glazed donuts, Coffee
13. Anyone you look up to in the derby world?  Sexy Slaydie and Amy Rock are my derby idols.  I want to be like them when I grow up.
14. Who inspires you the most from your league? It’s so hard to pick people out because our team is so supportive and has so much heart.
15. Who is the most challenging player you experienced? On my own team – Super Dynamite.  She’s such a powerhouse.  She’s a one person wall, and hits like a tank.
16. Do you play any other sports besides Roller derby?  Nothing currently.  I used to swim and play volleyball, but Derby is so much more fun.
17. What personal advice would you give young derby beginners?  Ask for feedback CONSTANTLY and make sure you implement it.  It’s the best way to improve quickly.
18. When and what occasion was a specific moment you felt like you really had to push yourself even harder?  every endurance practice. Doc says “PASS SOMEONE!” and that’s go time.
19. Hobbies outside of derby:  Teaching people makeup and skin care techniques, making my own beauty products, painting and being generally crafty.
20. Quote:  “Never put a sock in the toaster.” – Eddie Izzard.