Skater of the Month – NME Basher

1. Derby name & number: NME BASHER #25
2. Real name: Patricia Loreto
3. Significance of derby name/#: NME stands for No Me Enojes in English that translates to don’t make me angry. No real significance to Basher other then I bash beaches and I don’t mean the ocean ones lol.
4. Age: 27 for life! or atleast until I start getting noticeable wrinkles lol.
5. Position you play: Blocker
6. How long have you been skating? my whole life first skates at age 4.
7. How did you join derby? I looked up a local league and found SIDR <3 8. What do you like most about derby? it makes me feel empowered. 9. Greatest strength on or off the track? hmmmmm I think my greatest strength is my ability to stay calm or refocus. 10. Derby injuries: nothing broken thankfully yet but definitely some bruising tendon stretching and most recent shoulder sprain (one of the hardest hits I have ever received) 🙂 11. Favorite derby memory: hmm my favorite shoot there are so many. I would have to say my first bout I was such a derby baby and I was soooo nervous but then the moment I got on the track to line up something amazing happened I felt like the hulk and I was so focused and ready. Not to mention my family was there to support me it was a great feeling. 12. Favorite foods/drinks: omg CHOCOLATE and rice and beans (not together eww lol) drink hmm water I cant live without it. 13. Anyone you look up to in the derby world? oh man yeah. my entire league seriously we have some amazing humans in here man. 14. Who inspires you the most from your league? darn it I have to pick one? everyone inspires me in their own way. There are a few that I look at and I'm like wow. I wont name them tho I'll wait till Christmas when I can write them a card and tell them anonymously how much they impact my life. 15. Who is the most challenging player you experienced? dude Dynamite shes agile and hard to knock down man! 16. Do you play any other sports besides Roller derby? recreational volleyball and any other sport that my kids wanna play I'm always down to play anything. 17. What personal advice would you give young derby beginners? Don't give up on yourself and don't be so hard on yourself either. Take baby steps don't rush the process. 18. When and what occasion was a specific moment you felt like you really had to push yourself even harder? This was actually recently when I was out for a couple of months due to an injury and personal reasons. I felt defeated and mad at myself. I had to mentally get passed that and realize I could still come back and do this. So I did but I pushed myself to catch up to where I was 5 months back so I could be ready for my first bout and thankfully I was able to do it. My team was so supportive too I felt the love. Thank you for that! 19. Hobbies outside of derby: Is gaming a hobby? lol Yea I'm a gamer chick too and I like to run oh I do some knitting and reading too. 20. Quote: "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself." - D.H. Lawrence. Also one I wear on my helmet that reminds me I can do anything "Please know that I am aware of the Hazards I want to do it because I want to do it" -Amelia Earhart