The Strong Island Derby Revolution is an all female flat track roller derby league based in Suffolk County and was founded to provide opportunities for women on Long Island and surrounding areas to participate in the exciting and challenging sport of roller derby.

SIDR was established in the spring of 2011 through the cooperative efforts of a number of local women skaters. After only a few months of organizing, preparation, and practice, the whistle blew on SIDR’s sold-out debut bout on November 19, 2011. On March 31, 2012, SIDR began its first full season with a bout that was sold out before the doors even opened.

SIDR is owned, managed, and operated entirely by skaters and other volunteers working together for the benefit of the league and our community. Our skaters do not get paid and, in fact, pay monthly dues in order to cooperatively cover our costs. They must also pay for all their own equipment. SIDR is dedicated to fostering a positive and autonomous athletic environment that promotes healthy competition, teamwork, and the love of roller derby.

To find out how you can become part of the Revolution, please visit our recruitment page or contact sidrrecruitment@gmail